the Sunset Park beach badge boothLocated between Loveladies and North Beach, Harvey Cedars is situated on one of the narrowest portions of Long Beach Island. The community is primarily residential yet has less than 400 full time residents. Its commercial area is smaller than what you can find further north and south of town but there are a few places to shop and eat.

There are many smaller communities on Long Beach Island that are governed under a single governance - Long Beach Island Township. Their beaches, municipal ordinances, and other town management functions are the same across all of these named places.

Beach Haven Crest

Beach Haven Gardens

Beach Haven Inlet

Beach Haven Park

Beach Haven Terrace

Brant Beach

Brighton Beach

Haven Beach



North Beach

North Beach Haven

Peahala Park

South Beach Haven

Spray Beach

The Dunes

These communities take up 2/3 of Long Beach Island.

One of the reasons people are attracted to Long Beach Island is because of the things it lacks. LBI does not have a homogenized beachfront of highrise hotels and there is are not endless areas of the island filled with chain stores, franchise restaurants, or brand named motels. The island boasts many different communities that each have their own personalities. This means you can travel to different parts of Long Beach Island and find places that have their own special features and distinctive charm.

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