Submitted by Don on Mon, 03/30/2009 - 16:38


Sixty two degrees the other day! That was nice but part of what that does is really get me craving late spring. Not early spring, where we have a few nice days mixed in with cool, or cool and wet, weather.

Yet it is true that having a nice day like we did is a harbinger of things to come (I do love the promise of spring and the hope it seems to instill in me). The days are getting longer, the birds are singing and those early to start plants are springing to life. It is interesting too how different walking on the beach during a nice spring day seems, after such a spell of battling the elements on most walks for many a month.

It hasn't started yet but soon the island will start its human induced spring changes. Folks coming down for a day or two to work on a summer home, dormant closed up shops showing signs of life as merchants begin their preparations and so many other things get underway. There are plenty of other things to tip you off that more people are around too. A few more cars. A few more people in line when you go to run errands.

The strange part about this time of year is that everything seems to slowly wake up and I get lulled into thinking we are in the thick of spring and suddenly - the causeway is packed and everyone is back. The summer season gets underway and I wasn't quite ready for it. It seems like a overslept a bit and lost about a month somewhere.

One of the best things I could do, and I really should, is to take a ride down to the lighthouse and walk around out there. Is it just the right mix of few buildings, the looming lighthouse, more open ground than in a lot of other LBI locations, a bit of forest and the inlet that makes it seem so different there? I'm not sure but I do find my time there makes me feel a little different, kind of like spring does. So going there in springtime is a double whammy.